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The use of new technologies in criminal proceedings

For further information : Lynne McAleavy –

Received by mail on:  February 17th, 2011


E-evidence: validity and admissibility of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings  

Event in Barcelona, 26-27 May 2011

Fee: €160 / Languages: English, Spanish

With financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union European Commission – Directorate-General Justice

The seminar will discuss the validity and admissibility of electronic evidence in criminal proceedings. The main aims of the seminar are:

  • to define ‘electronic evidence’ and offer practical illustrations and examples of analogue and digital evidence;
  • to present the practical challenges relating to the collection and use of digital evidence;
  • to discuss the legal implications of digital evidence (collection, evaluation and admissibility);
  • to identify some of the practical problems that judges and prosecutors have to deal with in criminal proceedings;
    • to provide an overview of good practices in various EU Member States.

Finally, the seminar will assess how the use of electronic evidence can help to rationalise, simplify or possibly complicate criminal procedures and trials.  

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David Benichou, Senior Investigative Judge, Tribunal de Grande Instance, Nanterre, France; Francesco Cajani, Deputy Public Prosecutor, High Tech Crime Unit, Court of Law, Milan, Italy; Eduardo De Urbano Castrillo, Senior Judge, Technical Department, Supreme Court, Madrid, Spain; Joachim Eckert, Presiding Judge, Penal Court No. 1, Munich, Germany; Marco Gercke, Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute of Cologne, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Cologne, Germany; Manuel Marchena Gómez, Senior Judge, Penal Chamber, Supreme Court, Madrid, Spain; Stephen Mason, Barrister and Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, United Kingdom; Pascual Ortuño Muñoz, Senior Judge, Director, Judicial School of the General Council for the Judiciary, Barcelona, Spain; Jaanus Tehver, Defence Lawyer, Member of the CCBE Criminal Law Committee, Tehver & Partners, Tallinn, Estonia; Nick Vamos, Senior Specialist Crown Prosecutor, Organised Crime Division, Crown Prosecution Service, London, United Kingdom; Philippe Van Linthout, Investigating Judge, Court of First Instance, Mechelen, Belgium.


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